Portfolio Hammer

When mapping your market(s), Hammer starts with volumes and values of each consumer market. These numbers are often complemented with insights in defining trends. Trends determine whether product-market combinations will prosper or are threatened.

To support strategic decision making of an ingredients supplier in the food market, Hammer mapped the competitive environment of soup producers in Northern-Europe. The resulting insights were used to support the development of new product development in this category.


Mapping markets is not always easy. Moreover, it differs for different product categories. Sometimes data is not easy to find and should be constructed by combining consumer data with business rules.

For a wide variety of companies Hammer conducted analysis on their products and markets and how they are developing. With the results deriving from the data, companies are able to enter new and promising markets.

Hammer delivers state of the art MI. Your question is our starting point. We provide insights for different strategical and tactical applications. Our intel supports decision making in strategic planning, investments or competitive strategies. We facilitate product development, marketing, sourcing or pricing strategies.

In our work we use the tools necessary to deliver the needed insights. In our toolbox are desk research, data reconstruction, predictive data modeling, big data techniques, statistical analysis and interviewing. 




Competitive Intelligence, nowadays, is entering more and more in operational decision making. Both Marketing as Product Management require adequate competitive insights regarding projects and services. These insights are input for identification of USP’s, the formulation of marketing claims and the planning of product development programs.

For protein rich products we executed a competitive product analysis. As part of the analysis an inventory of product characteristics has been made.