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Brand Monitor

A leading healthcare multinational asked us to understand how their own and key competitor brands are used, perceived and recognized by end-users across several Western-European countries.


Our client wanted to gain insights on the awareness and penetration of their brands, in order to support strategic marketing decisions within the highly competitive international healthcare market.


Due to an extensive survey and customized analysis our client was able to make marketing adjustments based on actionable in-depth insights. Our client also got a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of key competitor brands: this helped our client in their own market positioning.

Geo expansion

In order to support their international business expansion, a major dairy and milk powder producer wanted to gain insight into the attractiveness of their products and their ability to compete in new geographical markets outside Europe.  


Our client asked for extensive market intelligence to support their future growth strategy. Hammer delivered a heat map with the most attractive geographical regions, indicating possible growth areas worldwide. The heat map included facts and figures about market size, growth, entry barriers and developments.


Data-driven market intelligence was visualized in a heat map, which enabled our client to take conscious next steps in their global growth strategy.

Commercial due diligence

Before deciding about an investment in an agricultural machinery company, a Dutch private equity (PE) firm wanted to understand the market landscape and opportunities for agricultural machinery.


Our client wanted to gain an understanding of the current and future market landscape by studying market growth, drivers, industry development, value chain, defining trends and overall market attractiveness.


With the insights from the commercial due diligence project, our client was able to make a solid and data-driven investment decision.

Market sizing

A young nutrition company focused on the Dutch market of high-protein products was interested in in-depth knowledge of their market. Insights were needed to help the company position themselves in a specific and viable product segment. 


Our client wanted to create a comprehensive view of the market with an overview of products in the different segments. Next, a competitive analysis of these different products based on their claimed competitive edges was requested to assess the specific competitive edge of our client's product.


Based on an overall market scan with extensive segmentation and a competitive positioning analysis, our client was able to identify marketing and development challenges regarding the future positioning of their company.

Target list identification

In order to support their business expansion, a renowned milk powder manufacturer wanted to gain insights in new market possibilities to sell their products, including a comprehensive target list.


Our client wanted extensive market intelligence to support their future sales strategy. Hammer delivered an overview of the global market, including regional developments and a list of attractive sales targets ranked on multiple predefined criteria.


Based on a market map with key insights and developments about their market, combined witha target list, our client was able to enable its route-to-market roadmap and select targets for their future sales strategy.



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