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"I truly enjoyed professional and thorough work from the entire Hammer team side, as well as pleasant and on time communication"
‍Rasa Moorthamer, Product Management Director Europe

Bayer Animal Health / Elanco

"I work with Hammer now over 4 years and value this collaboration tremendously. Their data-collection, analytics and translation to action are unique in the business. This because of their knowledge of the market and their understanding of the value unique customer insights have for business performance. Consult Hammer before your competitor does."
Rinse Jan Boersma, Global Marketing Director Dairy Cattle


For our project Hammer has gathered market research data from various sources, backed up with hands-on market intelligence. Hammer has provided us with great market insights and clear pathways for growth. Great collaboration and alignment during the project. Well done!
Ruud Peerbooms, President of Algae Ingredients


“The collaboration has been very fruitful. We can count on Hammer to deliver the project on time, including the agreed deliverables. Hammer is always willing to listen to our comments and ready to adapt where necessary.”
Marilyn Michiels, Manager International Relations


“Hammer helpt ons inzichten te verkrijgen in de markt, onze positie en de kansen die er zijn. Hammer schuwt daarbij een kritische vraag niet te stellen. Dit houdt je scherp en zet je aan het denken waardoor je kan excelleren. Het is tevens een moment om even stil te staan en de waan van de dag te overzien.”
Anne Bouk Swildens, Marketing Director

Hubert Stavoren

‘The reason we started this project, is to map out the opportunities for the coming years on the basis of a thorough market research and to set out a new strategy for coming five years. The cooperation with Hammer was very pleasant. Clear agreements were made about when what would be delivered. Fast and good communication ensured that everything was delivered on time. Also after delivery of the project the communication was very pleasant.’
Grada van der Schoot, Managing Director

Lely International

‘I have experienced the cooperation with Hammer as very pleasant. It was a complicated project: the subject matter to be researched was highly specialized, but this did not prevent Hammer from setting up a solid design. The analyses were very extensive and good, including a clear recommendation. What I especially appreciate is the real thinking along and their flexibility.’
Karin Ludikhuize - Charbo, Senior Project Lead Market Intelligence


''As a Danish company considering entering the Dutch market, we need thorough market intelligence research to help us guide our decisions. We chose Hammer Market Intelligence as our partner for this assignment, and we have not been disappointed. Egbert and his team have been very flexible, constructive and thorough in both their work and their approach to the job in general. They have met all timelines and are a good partner for us to make the right market decisions. We will continue to work with Hammer, as well as give them our best recommendations.''
Mikkel Leffers Svendstrup, Head of Partnerships

Royal De Heus

“Hammer has increased our capabilities to study market potential in a more structured way which helps us to better assess markets and supports decision making. They are very constructive, asking the right questions and coming up with suggestions for approaches that fit the organization they work with. They supported us in comparing very different markets for attractiveness in a clear and logical approach, which has helped us to better understand the relevant markets and their dynamics.”
Rutger Oudejans, Group Director Premixes and Specialties

Rhein Invest

“Hammer heeft Rhein Invest bijgestaan bij de commerciële due diligence voor de acquisitie van Welgro. Ze voorzagen ons van waardevolle inzichten door marktonderzoek uit te voeren voor verschillende essentiële landen gecombineerd met een analyse van het concurrentieveld. We waren erg te spreken over de samenwerking met Hammer en hun uitgebreide analyse welke uiteindelijk heeft bijgedragen aan het vormen van de nieuwe verkoopstrategie voor Welgro.”
Maurits van Driem, Investment Manager

Royal Koopmans

“Hammer acts a business partner in the supply of competitive market intelligence enabling us to improve our navigation strategy”
Dirk Lodewijk, CEO

Royal Barenbrug Group

"Our interest was to come up with the five most potent emerging markets for our industry. In close collaboration our internal team and the team of Hammer have done a tremendous job to bring down the long list of nearly 40 countries down to the five most potential ones in only three months’ time. The Hammer team exceeded my expectation. They triggered constructive discussions to build solid simulation models. Together we pushed the project team for discriminative measures. Normally such a project takes ages but with help of Hammer we were able to stick to the plan and not waste any time on irrelevant details."
André Brand, Member Board of Directors

Syswin Solutions

“For our innovative IoT solution for agriculture (SysAgria), Hammer assessed the market attractiveness in a number of markets, both in- and outside Europe. The study substantiates the feasibility of market opportunities for our product, based on market size, growth, and our ability to compete in selected geo markets. Hammer guided us in making strategic decisions about geo expansion. Despite the geographical distance between Hammer and Syswin, regular updates and discussions ensured that we stayed updated and had coordination throughout the whole project.”
Rosemari Kiss, Managing Director


"It is important to spread tourists in time and space. It helps us enormously to be able to predict how busy certain area’s will be so that we can anticipate. Together with Hammer, we investigated the possibilities. It was a new and quite complex issue, but I am very satisfied with the approach, skill and cooperation. It looks like we have developed a valuable tool.''
Pim Nouwens, Market Intelligence Analyst


"Hammer made for us a detailed report of one of our sub-markets. We look back on a great collaboration and are very satisfied with the end result. They gave us quantitative and qualitative insights by thorough research and listened carefully to our questions."
Monique Verkleij, Senior Stafspecialist

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