Market Map

Market Intelligence is a crucial element in strategic decision making.
Hammer supports decision making by conducting event-driven market research.

We provide tailor-made and data-driven market insights that enable decision making with respect to:

  • market sizing & forecasting
  • new market selection & entries
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • commercial due diligence
  • new business & innovation
  • target list identification
  • sourcing

In close interaction with our clients, Hammer develops a customized market map and shared fact-based analysis that is built on:

  • an identification of relevant data needs and sources
  • collection of all relevant market and competitor data
  • (predictive) analyses and impact assessments
  • presentations of insights with state-of-the-art infographics



This article is written by:

Kees Kuiper

MI Project Lead

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Hammer supports decision-making by conducting event-driven market research. Are you interested in growing your business with high quality market intelligence?
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