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Global developments, increasing competition, shifting consumer demands; these are some of the countless external forces that will shape the exciting world of tomorrow. To succeed in this environment companies continually need to keep track of their business environments.

Not every company is able to execute market intelligence on a continuous basis. The Hammer Market Monitor provides your company with actual market intelligence, on a regular basis, according to a defined roadmap.

With a subscription to the Market Monitor, Hammer serves as your partner in market intelligence. We provide your company with actual market intelligence, on a regular basis, and discuss the results to make it actionable.

Hammer manages the data overload by providing a consistent flow of relevant market insights for your company, based on:

  • fact based market sizing
  • continuous monitoring of market trends and competitor moves
  • competitor scans and scoping of market opportunities
  • quarterly presentations of customized market insights by our Market Intelligence professionals

Over time, Hammer develops an increasingly rich and complete overview of your markets.

  • guided by a jointly defined roadmap of intelligence topics
  • made actionable by intensive interaction with our clients
  • a personal market intel professional is available for your ad hoc research questions




“Hammer helps us gain insights regarding the market, our position and the opportunities that exist. Hammer does not shy away from asking critical questions. This keeps you sharp and makes you think so that you can excel. It is also a moment to stand still and oversee the issues of the day.”

This article is written by:

Ralph Boom

Market Analyst

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