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Hammer analysis | Mixed sentiment in the German dairy sector

Hammer analysis on the sentiment and investment behaviour in the German dairy sector.
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Supporting AAK growth strategy | from market insights to operational footprint

Hammer supported AAK in crafting their growth strategy for the European market.
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Hammer analysis | Untapped potential of the Brazilian dairy sector

Hammer analysis on the untapped potential of the Brazilian dairy sector.
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Kees Kuiper about working at Hammer Market Intelligence

Kees Kuiper reflects on his role as a project lead at Hammer - Market Intelligence.
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Power BI and Power Query: Revolutionizing Data Visualization and Reporting

Power Query and Power BI represent a paradigm shift in data analysis and visualization.
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The Vital Role of Market Intelligence in Leveraging NLP in Healthcare

How does market research maximize the benefit of NLP in healthcare organizations? Read more in our blog!
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How to improve your search results: the role of SEO and search operators

In this blog post, we will explore how sponsored results influence what we see, how businesses fight for online attention, and how users can improve their search query's.
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Unlocking success | Five key benefits of Market Intelligence

Solid market intelligence is a critical component of any successful business strategy. Read our blog to learn more about five key benefits of market intelligence.
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Orphan Diseases and Biogen’s Success Story Through Market Intelligence

Orphan diseased are often overlooked by pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare players, but can offer interesting opportunities.
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MedTech and Market Intelligence: Is it Too Late to be Friends?

Market intelligence tools are required to prevent organizations from spending huge amounts of development costs through guiding an efficient product development funnel.
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No Need to Feel Lost: How Market Intelligence Supports your AI Startup in Healthcare

How do AI startups capitalize on their market opportunities? We answer this question in our blog.
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Jerom van de Kraats on his first months at Hammer

Jerom van der Kraats reflects on his first half year at Hammer as Market Analyst.
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Strategic planning in Healthcare

Strategic planning is essential in the healthcare industry, as it helps to navigate the uncertainty and deliver quality care and services to patients.
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KOLs Relationship Management

KOLs are key for the development of healthcare, as they have deep understanding of the current and future drivers and directions in the sector.
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The Market Intelligence cycle to guide Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence is vital in any investment decision. The Market Intelligence cycle supports in guiding this challenging process.
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Why market intelligence has never been more important in healthcare

A perfect storm of industry-specific and global challenges has led to exponential awareness for the role of market intelligence in healthcare.
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Telecom market intelligence

Supporting strategic decision making in the telecom market

Hammer supported VolkerWessels Telecom with strategic planning. VolkerWessels Telecom is a leading player in connectivity solutions.
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Optimizing service offering and pricing policy for Lely

Hammer supported Lely with service offering and pricing policy. Lely is a global leading player in the agricultural sector.
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Davi de Vor

How did Davi de Vor experience his first half year at Hammer?

Davi de Vor reflects on his first half year at Hammer.
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Growing to a higher level of market awareness with Hubert Stavoren

Hammer supported Hubert Stavoren with an extensive market analysis to substantiate their five-year market strategy.
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How to create successful products and services by using conjoint analysis?

Conjoint analysis is a powerful tool to support strategic decisions regarding profit, revenue and market shares.  
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Three years in, what is it like to work at Hammer?

Jasper Reintjens reflects on his time as a Market Analyst at Hammer.
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The benefits of continuous market monitoring

Continuous market monitoring provides you with direct access to the right information, be able to track developments over time and stay on top of your market.
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How did Ralph Boom experience his first half year at Hammer?

Ralph Boom reflects on his first half year as a Market Analyst at Hammer.
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Meat substitute market | Europe

The European meat substitute market still offers a huge untapped potential. Knowing where and how to compete is key in crafting a successful market strategy.
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Questionnaire design: garbage in, garbage out

Crafting a solid questionnaire can easily be underestimated. Make the questionnaire as clear as possible for the respondent, prevent bias and ask for feedback.
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Part 3 | Hammer Goldmine | Usability

In strive to streamline our workflow we are developing a database that provide us with unique intelligence without any human interaction. This project is called the ‘Hammer Goldmine’.
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Part 2 | Hammer Goldmine | Implementation

In strive to streamline our workflow we are developing a database that provide us with unique intelligence without any human interaction. This project is called the ‘Hammer Goldmine’.
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Part 1 | Hammer Goldmine | Introduction

In strive to streamline our workflow we are developing a database that provide us with unique intelligence without any human interaction. This project is called the ‘Hammer Goldmine’.
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Market development: how to grow your business internationally?

Market development is one of the four main strategies companies can follow in order to achieve business growth.
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Tom Beckers

How did Tom Beckers experience his first half year at Hammer?

Tom Beckers reflects on his first half year at Hammer.
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Time to jump on the Nutri-Score bandwagon?

The Netherlands is planned to be one of the first seven countries to introduce Nutri-Score as their officially recommended nutrition label.
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Blind spots: question is not how to avoid them but how to deal with them

Blind spots are unavoidable in market research and are often the result of scoping. The question is, how to deal with them?
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Market sizing in B2B markets

Market size is of the many variables to take into account to successfully operate within a B2B market.
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Competitive Intelligence: the benefits of understanding your playing field

CI is vital for ensuring a company’s success and supports in making better operational, tactical and strategic decisions.
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Maximizing visitors while preserving nature?

How predictive modelling supports VisitVeluwe in managing and predicting crowds.
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Overcoming data challenges in the financial services sector

Data availability and data collection in the financial services sector can be very challenging.
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Organic food: a niche or the future standard?

Organic consumption is booming and has been a rapidly growing industry for over two decades. What will the future bring? 
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Market Intelligence in B2B

Collecting solid and effective market intelligence in B2B is challenging for different reasons.
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Which products and services will prosper in the New Normal?

In times of crisis some products and services are doing well, others don’t. What can we learn from weak signals in COVID-19 time?
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Agri-Food Industry Barometer COVID-19 implications

Besides the impact on human life, organizations also experience major impact from this global pandemic.
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Market Intelligence for B2B sector

Why do B2B companies struggle to find Market Intelligence?

For companies active in a B2B environment, their markets often can feel like a massive black box filled with blind spots.
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Commercial Due Diligence

Five fundamental topics in Commercial Due Diligence

Acquiring a business is complex and challenging. A solid CDD process is necessary in order to support a buying decision.
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future market intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence shaping the future of Market Intelligence?

In the next years, the true value of AI and other technological developments for the market intelligence field will be shown.
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