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Vacancy Intern Data Science

Hammer is looking for a Data Science Intern. Read the vacancy for more information.
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Overcoming data challenges in the financial services sector

Data availability and data collection in the financial services sector can be very challenging.
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How did Vasiliki Kamilaraki experience her first half year at Hammer?

Vasiliki Kamilaraki reflects on her first half year at Hammer.
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Organic food: a niche or the future standard?

Organic consumption is booming and has been a rapidly growing industry for over two decades. What will the future bring? 
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Market Intel in B2B: Grasp intelligence from the source!

Collecting solid and effective market intelligence in B2B is challenging for different reasons.
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Which products and services will prosper in the New Normal?

In times of crisis some products and services are doing well, others don’t. What can we learn from weak signals in COVID-19 time?
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Agri-Food Industry Barometer COVID-19 implications

Besides the impact on human life, organizations also experience major impact from this global pandemic.
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Why do B2B companies struggle to find Market Intelligence?

For companies active in a B2B environment, their markets often can feel like a massive black box filled with blind spots.
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Five fundamental topics in Commercial Due Diligence

Acquiring a business is complex and challenging. A solid CDD process is necessary in order to support a buying decision.
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Is Artificial Intelligence shaping the future of Market Intelligence?

In the next years, the true value of AI and other technological developments for the market intelligence field will be shown.
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